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The skin is the body’s first line of defense. It’s duty is to protect the host from the external insults.
Despite these barriers, pathogens may enter the body through skin abrasions or punctures.
why You Use Our Product

Bio skin patch not only directly reduced the risk of infection of injured skin by preventing the infection entrance, but also is designed for accelerating acute wound healing.



What Happen Next

Clots produced by blood seals the wound in order to prevent more entrance.
In the event of pathogens entrance potential effects could be fever, infection, allergy and etc.



Our Team

An executive manager with experience in manufacturing, production and assembly line, and industry operation with more than 7 years of experience in Technology transfer, technology development, and R&D in Tech-based products, nanofibers, wound healing, and healthcare fields an Innovative thinker with a focus on reach, investigations, and analysis has participated in numerous R&D projects and invented and patented various technologies has learned how to build a team and commercialize technology from TRL0 to TRL9

mr. Amirhossein Pirhadi

A professional chemist and certified radiologist with more than 16 years of experience, Dr Taghdiri has had a role in better designing the producer devices for better performance and accuracy several years of experience in R&D projects regarding manufacturing productions in tissue engineering He is responsible for the production and test and evaluation of raw materials and in the idea of mechanical and electronic construction of the device and project management cooperates

Dr. Mahdi Taghdiri

experience and standout trace in both industrial and research fields
his collaboration in crucial R&D projects with some famous research centers and universities, and the invention of some solutions related to electrospinning technology, convinced us to have him for this research–industrial journey
with an academic background in electrical engineering
Expertise includes designing, commissioning, deploying, deploying, and supporting electrical equipment, especially in the electrospinning field and its performance, which is so important for our company

Dr. Mahmoud Hajizadeh

Market Researcher An academic background in Entrepreneurship and more than ten years of
experience in Technology transfer, technology development, R&D and Tech-based product sales
a vital role in the development of Market sales and the creation of effective communication
has joined the team from the beginning and had a critical role in all development processes

Mr. Mehdi Jeddi

Marketing Manager is a highly efficient and systematic expert with the right eye for detail with a proactive approach to performance and data accuracy
an agile marketing manager
Manager of advertising, and social media
He is a vast strong experience in both national and international marketing of high–tech wound healing industries and has excellent organizational skills for the project goals
as a talented market researcher with lots of experience in the strategic marketing field and market segmentation with a customer-oriented perspective, he is the person fitted with the company’s requirements

Mr. Gholamreza Khoshbooie

What Happen Next